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February 14 2017


Are You Looking For A Great Place To Care For Your Dog When You're Unable To

Dogs need love and attention from their owners. When the owner can't be available because of work, vacation or family obligations, they often look for someone to care for their dog. Someone's dog can enjoy the same treatment their owner gives them when they're cared for at a clean and state-of-the-art facility with caring staff. Sitting at home all day can be very boring for a dog. They can begin to chew on things and do other things they normally wouldn't. It's also difficult for a dog to not go to the bathroom for ten or twelve hours a day.

Allen Baler

Doggie daycare can be one of the best things someone can do for their dog. This type of daycare offers private dog parks and give social dogs the opportunity to play. It provides the physical activity, exercise, and stimulation that's important for high-energy dogs or young ones. It can help to eliminate jumping, digging or chewing and builds confidence in a dog that may be timid or fearful. Daycare is available while someone's at work during the day or for overnight dog boarding. The dogs will get the love, care, and attention they need and deserve.

A dog resort has highly-trained staff with a ratio of one staff member for every twelve dogs. The small dogs are separated from the larger ones during play groups to improve the quality and safety. In order to enter the doggie daycare, the dog must be spayed or neutered, and must not be aggressive. Their vaccinations must be up to date and using flea and tick prevention. The dog must have a social evaluation after the application and vaccination records are received. Dogs are always on probation. A dog's behavior can change over time and any social skills that become unsuitable could be cause for suspension. If a dog is gone for three months or more from the daycare, they will have to be re-introduced to the pack and monitored closely.

Owning a dog can be an enjoying and rewarding experience. Leaving your dog home alone for hours can lead to unwanted behaviors and loneliness. Doggie daycare will fill up the hours with fun and exercise when you're unavailable. 
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